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Stay with Maasai Family in Boma on FB basis

When it comes to a true culture way of living, we of course can't forget maasai in East Africa, especially Losirwa Village in Tanzania. As we mentioned earlier, the Maasai is the only remaining tribe which holds strictly its culture though, nowadays we have modern and traditional maasai.

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Birding Tour

The Lake Manyara is fed by rivers and underground water springs from the rift Valley escarpment wall. 
The lake is teeming with tilapia fish and cat fish which are unique to the area and villagers are free and safe to swim in the lake and fish in the outside park boundary.

On the plain beyond the lake, you can open view to the resident wild animals like giraffes, buffaloes, zebra, wildebeests, Thomson's gazelles, hippos, warthogs, monkeys, baboons and host of ground birds,such as flamingoes and pelicans  on paradise scenery of lake manyara shore and corridor .

The lake is well worth and is the perfect destination for a chance to see different parts in your trip, in order to take a break to stretch out, after a busy schedule in your safaris itinerary.

Home stay 

We have a rent-house programme for individuals and students in study tour and volunteers. We created this kind of tour especially for students to teach in various schools and colleges in Maasai villages. We also opened this rent-house programme for individuals or private groups of visitors for cultural tourism purpose: you can stay with a normal family and share their daily activities such as farming or cattle-raising.

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