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Walking Safaris

Losirwa Village is a very big place to work in, so it's better to arrive early on time to have enough hours of walking around in this far greater land area, into the Villages' Complex, rift valley ecology, wildlife, and human history; and as considered low level in the rift valley floor, the sun is doing direct, and the temperatures are usually warm to hot, but certainly we are local destination professionals to design your walking activities plan in good terms of distance and conditions of weather.

Long walks can be adventurous and rewarding, but need some planning. Short walks can be organized for the older, children and for disabled and of course we have a greatest concentration of biking and Motor tricycle Safaris arrangements for meandering routes.

We are just glad you find us, that you will enjoy to walk with an expert naturalist, we will guide you down the road to enjoy the more traditional terrain of a Village in more than a mile, and consisted of farming land, forests and grazing Maasai plain and finish your dirt walking down to the Lake Manyara, beyond the famous Lake Manyara National Park.

We inform you that the walking safaris is not like game tour you have done, it is only a break time, usually to practice your pace after long hours you have spent in your tour vehicle, to get accustomed to being on your feet for health and strength recovery, and off-road to see sceneries and enjoy the stories about real african life in local Villages, and their developing magic activities.

Life here is the deepest mysteries! Walking safaris is not likely to cover more distance of the village area, but bicycle and motor tricycle transport offers considerably faster transport than walking, and you will run faster in large-scale of the Village and beyond areas at once.