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Maasai Market Day (Every Thursday)

Every  Thursday  a Maasai Market  takes place in Mto Wa Mbu. 
Villagers  come from different  coners of  Mto Wa Mbu  Viilage  to sell  their  Farm products 

Goats , sheep and other livestock  to make a living 
Its a very colorful market !!

Women will bring in Farm produce from their small shambas (Farms) 
They will bring  Potatoes , Toamatoes , Onions , Okra , Paprika , Rice etc etc…..
Some will bring Mitumba ( used clothings) Some will bring in utencils and cutlary , some will be selling powder soad and soap bars 

The Items and produce  that they sell at this Maasai Market  is cheaper then what you buy in the local shops, The main atrraction is the local Nyama Choma  out lets .
The recidents of this village love having their meats !!! 

We,rift valley cultural have introduced the product Nyama Choma-maasai style in Mto wa Mbu at our permanent places and it's cooked 100%  in maasai style yet the warrior maasai is always the one who prepares the maasai barbecue for tourists but in hygienic way.

The package starts with two clients and include soft drinks , elephants tusk bananas on grilled and table talking history of maasai and people of village in general.