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A walk through a Banana Plantation

Mto Wa Mbu’s biggest export is Bananas!!! 

Every morning you will see bananas from different corners of the Village farmers carrying Bananas on their bicycles and hedging towards the Banana collection center that is near the Local Market 

From the collection center Bananas are then transported to other parts of Lake Manyara and Arusha District.

A walk through a banana plantation will educate you that the Village of Mto Wa Mbu is very fertile 

Not only Bananas are grown but a verity of other fruits and vegetables are grown side by side.

At one time their used to be over 100 species of Bananas, now they have been streamed lined to about 30 verities. Famous being the Red Bananas, that has made Mto Wa Mbu very famous 

The biggest type of Banana  can reach a foot long . Its Swahili name is the Mkonga meaning the Elephant trunk.

Your guide will explain you when you are walking through the banana plantation, your guide will explain you more about all these verities of Bananas.

Some Bananas are for eating, Some Bananas are used for cooking and some bananas are used for drinking (yes drinking bananas) the locals make Local brew out of it that is called Mbege. With the New technology now they make Banana wine that is safe to drink

Mto wa mbu-center village walk.

Activities include;


  • Banana plantation tour.
  • Local brewery and taste beer.
  • Mto wa mbu-Marketing tour.
  • Makonde family carvings.
  • Blacksmith tour.
  • One litter of bottled drinking water during the tour.