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Stay with Maasai Family in Boma on FB basis

When it comes to a true culture way of living, we of course can't forget maasai in East Africa, especially Losirwa Village in Tanzania. As we mentioned earlier, the Maasai is the only remaining tribe which holds strictly its culture though, nowadays we have modern and traditional maasai.

We would like to demonstrate our points that just a one night at maasai boma in the village, sharing a real experience with them at maasai Hut can give you unforgettable aspect memory of a life time. In history, maasai were not used to sleep on the bed , hence nomadic and warriors don't sleep inside the huts, instead are outside looking after cattle against intruders such as lions, leopards, or other pastoralists.

Only mothers, elders and kids sleep inside the hut on  twig beds with cow skin-a mattress like; and inside the same hut, you will find some lambs, calves but in  different twig partitions. When you visit us, during the day you may go with maasai to look after cattle or milk cows but it will depend on your interesting option.

The only East African  Tribe  remaining with traditional way of living is  the Maasai People!

Tents for clients to overnight at maasai boma. These tents are used by clients and we normal  set them inside the maasai boma fence.

Optional cooking meals, Clients may come with their own staff and prepare the bush dinner  aside maasai boma as they desire, or  we ,rift valley cultural prepare it for them  at our African Pot place.