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A walk through a Banana Plantation

Mto Wa Mbu’s biggest export is Bananas!!! 

Every morning you will see bananas from different corners of the Village farmers carrying Bananas on their bicycles and hedging towards the Banana collection center that is near the Local Market 

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Fruit Tasting Excursion at the Fruit Kiosk 

Mto Wa Mbu is a very fertile village that is situated at the  foot of Africas Great Rift Valley 
The Villagers of Mto Wa Mbu will supply all the touristic villages with its daily need of fresh seasonal vegitables and fruits of the season 
You will taste 

Papaya , Custared Apple , Sour Sap , Temarind  , Boabab fruit and more all depending on  the season 


A walk trough the Rice Fileds

Mto Wa Mbu is also well known for growing Rice , as Mto Wa Mbu is a swampy area They have two season of Rice growing in Mto Wa Mbu

A vist to the Makonde Family

The Makonde tribe is an ethnic group that originated in Mozambique. During the 1960-80s the majority of the Makonde tribe became refugees in southeast Tanzanian entering refugee camps. 

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