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Taste of Mto Wa Mbu

A Day Visiting the Mto Wa Mbu Village

I couldn’t miss an opportunity to meet the people that live side-by-side with elephants, lions and other plains game. As Mto Wa Mbu is on the Border line with Lake Manyara National Park 

Our Guide Phillipo who runs Rift Valley Cultural Program even told us that in 1973 

Together with his wife and children, zoologist and leading conservationist Dr Iain Douglas-Hamilton spent five years in the beautiful Lake Manyara National Park studying the elephant population and attempting to solve overcrowding issues within the National Park. This was in 1973

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Drinking Banana

The Local villagers of Mto Wa Mbu love  their local brew  that  is made out of Bananas  the locals  call it Mbege. 

Local Beer Mbege
also known as banana beer is a traditional brew of the Chagga People. This alcoholic drink is made from ripe fermented bananas. Brewing banana beer is done by hand and labor intensive. After having been mashed, the bananas are cooked for seven hours and left to ferment for up to seven days.

After fermentation the mixture is strained and a mixture of flour from finger millet and water is added.

It is then left to sit an additional day before consumption.

You will be shown how the brewing process works and for the brave hearted given a cup to taste.


Cooking Banana

In a Tanzanian meal  ( specially  in Mto Wa Mbu ) Bananas play a big role  in daily diet 

Meals like  

Mtori:  ( Banana Soup ) that is eaten just  before lunch time 

Matoke : this is Bananas cooked with  meat 

Trupa : This is a mixure of Bananas , Potetoes , Wild Tomatos , Lady fingures , sweet peas , Carrots  and  Chicken / Beef / Lamb / Goat  or Pork  ist more like a stew 

Mdizi Choma : This is raosted banana  that is eaten on daily basis by the road side

Eating Bananas 

The Banana  that  you have to eat while you are in Mto Wa Mbo is the  the Red Banana having just one  could be your lunch this is  the Red Banana.
There is a banana in Mto Wa Mbu that is almost a foot long  and has the  name as the trunk , the Elephant trunk . This Banana is huge !!

You will aso walk trough the  Banana plantations and rice paddy fileds your guide will explain you about the rice paddy field of Mto Wa Mbu and gardens.