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Duration 1 to 3 hours/ or full day includes meals.

Main attraction;

Coffee tour and learn how the locals make a natural coffee, yet taste it from homemade.

Visit the local people in their daily activities in the earnest touching way of living.

Woodcarvers –Makonde tribe and learning the meaning of these amazing sculptures.

Waterfalls, wild animals, elephant’s caves and bird watching and many more.

Karatu Village is a very big place to walk into the villages' complex, rift valley ecology, livestock, and human history; and as considered the village of agricultural activities and zero grazing too. Certainly, we are local destination professionals to design your walking activities plan in good terms of distance and conditions of weather.

Make your booking in advance to avoid disappointment!


Duration2-3 hours/or full day includes local meals.

Main attraction;

Village hills and scenery of coffee plantations.

Coffee tour and visit the local coffee farms and factory yet taste it.

Visit the village’s farms and learn agriculture hence its very hub to the area.

Visit local brewery factory and feeling authentic life.

Village markets for local commodities and view all our local commodities.

Woodcarver-Makonde-tribe and learn how to carve the art!

We are always making safety arrangements of the bicycles for riding around and across villages in order to take a break to stretch out, after a busy schedule in your safaris vehicle.

In this larger village, you are almost transported to far different places at a time on the bicycle, absolutely discover all the villages and local activities and natural and cultural attractions for yourself on your bicycle.


Duration1 to 2 hours/ fully day includes meals!

Main attraction;

•        Ugali.

•        Pilau.                                                                                       

•        Cooked banana.

•        Local bread.

•        Makande =broken cooked maize

•        Vegetable and fruits.

•        Spinach and souse.

Agriculture has always been and remains the principal occupation of man in Africa.

So in a village walking tour, we also prepare this African Local food in hygienic serving.

The food cooked here in the Village is pure African traditional food, prepared from the freshest from the local farm. African food, but basically the Tanzanian staple food.

Our buffet is prepared by trained women to cook and served in different adventures places in the village; therefore it might be in a certain family house or at the garden place.