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Mchuzi Wa Nyama

Tanzanian stew can include a number of different meats: beef stew, goat stew, chicken stew or any other animal stew. Tanzanian stew dishes might also include a few other base vegetable ingredients such as carrots, peppers, peas, or potatoes. 

The sauce is usually formed from a light tomato base and accented with onion, salt and pepper and that essential mchuzi mix!

Chips Mayai (French Fries and Egg)

Chips Mayai can be described as a French fry Tanzanian omelet.

It all begins with a plate of famous Tanzanian Kenyan chips that are placed in a frying pan before being covered in a generous amount of beaten egg and cooked through.

Lather it up with a generous portion of chili tomato sauce and it’s a snack that will provide calories of energy for a few days!

Chips Mayai is a one of the Tanzanian dishes that is also popular in Kenya.
there are different ways of having Chips Mayai
It goes will with Mishikakis that is mixed together 


Grilled Maize

One of the most popular on-the-go snacks in Tanzanian is a cob of roasted maize. The corn is picked when it has become mature, so it’s a dry starch that is perfect for roasting over hot embers.

As the maize roasts, some kernels pop like popcorn while others blacken to a crunchy crisp. Some street stall vendors will supply a chili lime salt garnish for the grilled maize.
Some times you can paste butter on the maize and add spices like salt, pepper, Red chili powder and Lemon to get flavor 



Another Indian snack turned Tanzanian food are samosas – small triangular pockets of spiced meat or vegetables put in a pastry wrapper and deep fried to a golden brown. Squeeze a sprinkle of lime juice on samosas for ultimate enjoyment.

These golden snacks are available everywhere from sit down restaurants to local kiosks

Chai Tangawizi (Spiced Tea) 

Tanzanian coffee is one of the more famous varieties on earth, yet it is tea that is the popular hot drink of choice for many locals. Tanzanian tea is brewed dark, mixed with plenty of whole fat milk, and sweetened up with a few heaping tablespoons of sugar.
Most of the Tanzanians like their tea mixed up with Spices 
In this case with Ginger