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Wali wa Nazi (Rice cooked in Coconut Milk)

Waliwanazi, or rice made with coconut milk is a popular Tanzanian food eaten mainly by members of the Swahili community living along the Indian ocean coast. It is a rich, creamy accompaniment to any chicken, meat, curry or fish.

Mbahazi na Mandazi (Mandazi /Pigeon Peas Curry in Coconut Milk) 

Made from deep-fried dough, mandazis are another popular Tanzanian delicacy. The dough is usually spiced and some baking powder added to make them larger.

They are usually taken with tea but can also be enjoyed as a snack.
This is a typical breakfast meal for the Swahili people who live along the coast 
it’s a perfect breakfast meal 



Michicha is another authentic Tanzanian food that is usually made up of fried kales. 

The kales are first washed, chopped into small pieces and then fried with onions and tomatoes. 

This dish is usually taken with Ugali, Rice or Chapatis
Michicha another popular Tanzanian dish


A mixture of Maize Beans&Whole Yellow gram

The mixture is usually boiled for a few hours to soften the ingredients after which it is then fried. 

Some of the most common seasoning added is salt pepper and coriander
this is also a staple food in Africa that goes with different names 



Bajias are also another popular form of Tanzanian Food.
Native to the coastal towns in Tanzania, they are basically made from sliced potatoes that have been seasoned and deep-fried in oil.
Bajias come in many verities and flavors