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Nyama Choma

If there is one meal that can be described as essentially Tanzanian and indeed East African, it has to be Nyama Choma which means grilled meat. 

It is a barbecue of goat, fish or chicken, with barbecued bananas or Ugali as side dishes. 
The meat is then served with Kachumbari and verity of souses The dish is prepared by taking freshly slaughtered meat and slowly roasting it on a grill consisting of metal fencing on top of a bed of charcoal.( this is one way ) 
The other way is the meat , chicken or fish  is placed on skivers and placed a side of a pit fire and cooked slowly with the heat 

We,rift valley cultural have introduced the product Nyama Choma-maasai style in Mto wa Mbu at our permanent places and it's cooked 100% percent  in maasai style yet the warrior maasai is always the one  who prepares the maasa barbecue for tourists  but in hygienic way.


The package starts  with   two  clients and include  soft drinks ,elephants tusk bananas on drilled  and table talking history of maasai and  people of village in general.

price;  per two  person $60:00 ( excl VAT)