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Ugali is the meal that could be considered Tanzania’s national dish. It is stiff dough prepared with cornmeal (maize meal), cassava flour, sorghum or millet. 

The dish is usually served with a sauce that contains fish, meat, cooked vegetables or beans. 

Typically, it is eaten from a large bowl that is shared by all the people seated at the table. 

A well-prepared Ugali is neither too sticky nor dry.


Nyama Choma

If there is one meal that can be described as essentially Tanzanian and indeed East African, it has to be Nyama Choma which means grilled meat. 

It is a barbecue of goat, fish or chicken, with barbecued bananas or Ugali as side dishes. 
The meat is then served with Kachumbari and verity of souses The dish is prepared by taking freshly slaughtered meat and slowly roasting it on a grill consisting of metal fencing on top of a bed of charcoal.( this is one way ) 
The other way is the meat , chicken or fish  is placed on skivers and placed a side of a pit fire and cooked slowly with the heat 

We,rift valley cultural have introduced the product Nyama Choma-maasai style in Mto wa Mbu at our permanent places and it's cooked 100% percent  in maasai style yet the warrior maasai is always the one  who prepares the maasa barbecue for tourists  but in hygienic way.


The package starts  with   two  clients and include  soft drinks ,elephants tusk bananas on drilled  and table talking history of maasai and  people of village in general.

price;  per two  person $60:00 ( excl VAT)

Pilau (Wali Chafu) 

Pilau is one of the dishes prepared only when there is a ceremony or during the weekends. It is a rice dish flavored with spices and prepared in stock whereby poultry, meat, fish or hard-boiled eggs may be added. It is originally a dish from West India but is now popular in the coastal areas of Tanzania. This meal is usually served with Kachumbari, an uncooked salad dish made up of chopped tomatoes, chili peppers and onions.

Pilau has a nick name, the Maasai Tribes man call it Wali Chafu as the rice turn from white to brown 


Chapati (Local Bread)

A traditional Tanzanian dish, chapatti is similar to Indian flatbread or Roti. It is an unleavened flat bread with no baking powder or yeast, and quite popular among the Swahili speaking people of Tanzania. 

It is undoubtedly a favorite meal for any Tanzanian homestead

Going by the way children get excited when they learn chapattis are being prepared. 
Often, special occasions are never special without chapattis being prepared.
Chapatis come in very many different verities 

they are made from Wheat  Flour, Maize Flour, Yellow Gram Flour, Millet Flour

Chapati is side dish that is usually eaten with souse food  


Mchemsho (Trouper) Stew 

Mchemsho, or translated to trouper, is one of the special dishes served in Northern Tanzania. However, despite its deliciousness, it is not eaten on a daily basis due to the many ingredients needed that make it quite expensive when compared to other local meals. Ingredients include carrots, potatoes, green beans, eggplant, cabbage, onions, bananas, tomatoes, ladies finger, sweet pepper and spices. During preparation, one can choose to mix vegetables with meat or fish.

This dish is like a stew  Peas , Bananas , Okra , Carrots  , Wild Tomatoes , Potatoes  and meat of your choice 
its Cooked slowly