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About Rift Valley Cultural

Rift Valley Cultural Tourism Programme.

The Rift Valley Cultural Tourism Programme was founded in March 2013, all- male and female firm founded by Philipo E. Mrutu and Lucky S.Maingu as Basic Community  Organisation.
The magnificent name of the Rift Valley Cultural Tourism Programme in Losirwa Village, symbolizes natural life of Maasai.
The idea came from the desire and the will to create a cultural tourism in Losirwa Village, characterized by high professionalism, personal knowledge and depth of each proposed destination, in reality that became the point of reference to customers, including an interpersonal relationship based on trust, careful attention in giving tips, advice and follows step by step the journey to the dusty roads and streets of Losirwa Village. Our mouths smiling, our eyes everywhere searching, calculating, appraising the values that once were left behind in the dark, we bring today the light to the Losirwa Village and we become the respected Citizens. Our local cultural tourism activities will be delivering tens of thousands of visitors to this Masai village of great plains and virgin lands. The door is now open to travelers to explore the untouched beauty of cultural tourism in the Losirwa village.

We Love What We Do



Cultural tours are a relatively new product in Tanzania that is mostly sold as an add-on to enrich main safari tour programs. Most cultural tour sites in mainland Tanzania were developed by the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) in conjunction with the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV), starting with selected villages around Arusha in northern Tanzania and spreading out into northeastern Tanzania in Usambara and Pare mountains, and lately including southern Tanzania area around Mbeya. These are traditionally existing villages which will provide visitors with a glimpse of the authentic lifestyle of the many tribes in rural Tanzania.

Besides enriching itineraries for visitors, the cultural tours are generating income directly to the local communities that are visited. By visiting the cultural sites the guests would be giving support to community health, water projects, primary education and many other projects carried out at village level including reforestation and protection of environment.

Our Team

Our Founders and Guide Team.

Philipo E.Mrutu

Co-Founder – Head Guide

A professional Safari Guide who is fluent in speaking Italian,Spanish, English, and Swahili. After being a safaricourier with different safari companies Philipo decided to return home ( MtoWaMbu ) to start his own business in 2012.

Philipo E.Mrutu

Lucky S. Maingu


Her goal has always been on mind to create a sustainable eco-tourism that becomes an integral and vital part of basic community income.

Lucky S. Maingu

AafeezJivraj (Chakamaster)


With over 24 years of experience in Tourism and Cultural tourism, Aafeez is our advisor.
Aafeez who grew up not far away from MtoWaMbu.

AafeezJivraj (Chakamaster)

Our Vision and Values

What makes The Rift Valley Cultural Tourism Stronger

  • Our Vision

    Help Losirwa Society

    Our organization of RIFT VALLEY CULTURAL TOURISM PROGRAMME, has a vision to support development in the village of Losirwa, with our friends, under the aid programme of HELP LOSIRWA SOCIETY.
    The Losirwa villagers, and beyond will benefit mostly from the water supply and Natural Environment retreat we plan to settle.

  • Ethnic

    Cultural Experiences

    We tried to experiment and create route plans that put the traveller in touch with the Cultural aspect of each route. Our purpose is to give the opportunity to experience each local activity as a traveller and not as a tourist, with curiosity and respect for different cultures in our village.
    Our routes are organized by hand with the utmost care, this means a selection of employees within and outside the Company with confidence and reliability, safety, even the most unusual route is in fact our specialty. Since we have professional multilingual guides, we assure you to meet your expectations.

  • Planning of Water and Planting Trees Development

    Help Losirwa Society Foundation is a free, independent and not profit organization .

    Help Losirwa Society believes that, life in the world is made up by water, as water is necessary to all living things on Earth and is also necessary for all other life processes, but according to legend and as of today water is a chronic problem in Losirwa village.

    Tanzania government in a broad network has made efforts to assisting Losirwa Village in water supply and has even set up water tank system, but the water is still not enough, to provide fast pressure on a large scale of the Village. The water is not fully based yet in the village. The outside input is widely needed to support the government efforts.

    This integrated water plan is brought up to date by the Rift Valley Cultural Tourism Programme, in the light of changing the Losirwa Village, in development of water supply system. This initiative is for the benefit of the whole village as it will be laid on for home use, for farm irrigation to increase agricultural production, and trees planting for environment retreat.

    The distance from the water streams of Rift Valley wall in Mto wa Mbu village to Losirwa is about five kilometers. To collect the maximum of water to Losirwa village from this distance we need feasibility studies and the implementation of the project, which are likely to be expensive. Therefore, a support from our friends is needed to have Lisirwa people enjoy a sufficient quantity of clean and safe water.

For more information please visit us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;"> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 08am - 06pm
Sat-Sun 08:30am - 02:30pm

About Us

In 2013 Two People thought it was a right time to make something so good for the Mto wa Mbu Community .